Isabella Chess Table - Crackled Antique

Many people have wanted a chess table… However, they were not able to find a table in a cracked antique finish ( a finish very popular in todays newest furniture)…

This table is essentially the Isabella table except it features a beautiful and unique Cracked Antique Finish! This is one of the hottest finishes in the market.

The table offers you strength, stability and an antique AND modern touch that cant be found anywhere else. The table features an incredibly detailed hand-carved ball and claw design.

It has plenty of room for "captured" pieces along with a standard chess clock. The table also has two drawers on each side for storage. .

Another simple, yet luxurious feature of this table are the cup holders on the side. Simple slide them out and place your beverage there or leave it inside for an elegant "flushed" look. . The body/table is built with carefully selected Oak woods (from the finest lumberyards in South America) The wood is then dried to an 8% level to ensure no cracks and expansions occur later on in the chess tables life.

The playing board is made with veneers giving it a touch of finesse and originality. This also ensures that the chessboard does not crack later on. If the chess board was made with solid wood, the chances are greater for splitting and cracking. The dark squares are made with South American Rosewood and the white squares are Birds eye maple (Imported from the USA.). This combination creates a board that is beautiful.

Between the playing squares and the edge is a beautiful 1/8" wide strip of woods that give the playing board character. Assembly and disassembly of the legs is extremely easy. Table can be assembled in less than 5 minutes.

Summary of Features:

* Hand Carved Ball and Claw Design.
* Sturdy and Solid table. Wont shake or rattle when your playing a match
* Ample room for captured pieces.
* 2 billiard cloth lined drawers.
* 2 slide out cup holders on each side of the table.
* Exotic woods for playing board.
* Easy assembly.
* Brass hardware.
* Unique and stylish finish
* Exclusivity!

Dimensions: Table weights 60 pounds and measures 33"W x 33"L x 30"H. Squares are 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" Additional Info: Chess Pieces not included. To ensure this table arrives to its final destination in safe condition, we ship it via freight forwarder. Shipping is $85 per table

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