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When you inspect the chairs, you'll notice the difference between our furniture and most of the stuff you can buy nowadays. First of all, the chairs are made using solid wood just like the tables.

You also won't be bothered by having to put this chair together. You see, our chairs come fully assembled. They are not what's commonly known as "knockdown chairs". Yes, that is right, when was the last time you bought a chair that came from the factory fully assembled. Unless you bought at a high end retail store (and paid way too much) you probably had to put the chair together yourself. Even if you did buy it at the store, it probably arrived at the retailers warehouse in a box in 20 little pieces.

Look, there is nothing wrong with buying a knockdown chair. There are however, many benefits to buying a chair that is completely assembled (from the factory). For one thing, if the chair was assembled at the factory, you won't have to deal with keeping track of 30 little screws, nuts and the infamous Allen wrench when putting it together. You also won't have to spend 30 minutes putting the chairs together. However, there is an even bigger benefit of buying a chair that comes completely assembled (from the factory). Your chair will probably last 3 to 4 times as long, because it is screwed, glued, and reinforced AT the factory by professionals. Your chairs will also last a lot longer before "loosening up" from repeated use.

The other detail about our chairs is the cushion. At first glance, the cushion is just that, a cushion. However, it is VERY important if you plan on playing even a little bit of chess on your table. Lower end chairs use a cushion that is constructed with a piece of plywood as the base, a little bit of cushioning and then cheap fabric. The problem with this is that the fabric starts to wear out very quickly, the padding is not sufficient, and since the base of the cushion is a hard piece of plywood, your butt & your back will start hurting after sitting in it for a while.

If you're like me, this would definitely affect your chess game enjoyment. All of a sudden, beating your long lost cousin isn't as enjoyable anymore because your back is sore!

Anyway, what makes our cushion better are the simple details. First, the foam that we use for the cushion is top grade. So it won't loose its shape and will be comfortable for years to come. Next, instead of using just a flat square piece of plywood, we go a step further and cut a hole in the middle of the plywood so that when you sit, your butt has some slack to move down. The result is a cushion that "bends and gives" for a much more comfortable seat. Your lower back will also be relieved of pressure allowing you to sit and play chess longer! For ultimate durability and beauty all Riley Chairs are made with Solid Oak.


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