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Have you been looking for a chess table? Good Chess Tables are hard to find! You just found the website you've been looking for! First thing we recommend is that you bookmark this page right now. Many people find this site, close their browsers and can't remember where it was. (Their search for a good chess table continues!) Next, read the paragraphs below to educate yourself on the purchase of a chess table.

If you are interested in learning more about the chess table's manufacturer, I recommend you go ahead and check out the about us page. Here you will learn about the company behind the tables and chairs. You'll find out that our tables really are a great buy.

Many people buy tables to display beautiful chess sets. Our tables do that perfectly. Without a doubt our best chess table overall is the Anastasia Chess Table. This beautiful table is perfect for set display as well as heavy match play. Its beauty accents any set and its solidness endures any type of chess play. Many people also buy our tables simply because they want a well-built, long lasting, and solid table to replace an aging board or they simply want a good looking table to analyze chess games. The Perfect Table for this is either the Isabella Chess Table or Andalucia Chess Table. Both are very classic tables that are solidly built.

Why Buy a chess table from us?
We invite you to look around and compare our designs and our prices with other websites. You will realize that for our prices and quality our tables really are a great buy. Also, when you buy a table from us, you can purchase matching chairs that go with the table. This is something that you can't really find anywhere else!

What's the difference between your tables and your competitors?
There are many factors, but the main one is probably the construction of the board. Many tables feature a "solid board" what this means is that the table is made with solid wood not veneer inlay. This is a great option if A: the table is built perfectly B: you prefer paying a premium for something that doesn't really make a difference. The reason a solid board has to be built perfectly is because solid wood contracts and expands with temperature and humidity changes. This could result in unsightly cracks in your board. The method we use is veneer inlay. With veneers you will not have any expansion problems. What is veneer? Veneer is actual wood that is sliced very thin. (About less than a millimeter) However since veneer is also a bit cheaper than actual solid wood, we use exotic veneers. Such as burl and crotch cuts that if we were to use solid woods the price of the table would be too high. Other differences about our tables is probably the designs. If you look around you will see that our designs rival those of high end ($4,000+) chess tables.

Do you guys really sell "the best chess table"?
We believe that we offer the best mix of price, design, and quality. Based on Value we offer TheBestChessTables!

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